Common Spring Pests in Massachusetts: Identification and Prevention

If you live in Massachusetts, you will find that insects return every year during Spring and summer. It becomes necessary to take preventive measures such as setting up meshes or hiring experts offering spring pest control near Foxborough, MA, to prevent a significant infestation. For example, if bees and wasps tend to make nests in the outer walls of your home, it is better to take preventive measures rather than remove them once the infestation has started. Here are some factors you must know about Spring pests in Massachusetts.

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What are some of the common Massachusetts spring pests?

It is common knowledge that pests can infest your home anytime, but during Spring, their activities increase. Spring and summer are the seasons during which pests like ants, wasps, and bees breed. Hence, you will find a significantly higher number of these pests in and around your home during these two seasons. When you opt for spring pest control near Framingham, MA, you will find that they use eco-friendly methods to remove the insects. This will ensure that the plants and shrubs that sprout during Spring are not affected by the insecticides, and only the insects are eradicated. Some of the pests that experts can remove from your property are as follows:

  • Ants

With the onset of Spring, there will be a flurry of activity in any ant colony. During winter, most ants hibernate; hence, once Spring starts, you will find ants crawling all over your garden, the trees, and your plants, and several of these can even enter your home. Several species of ants, such as the Carpenter, acrobat, and pavement, can. When you hire experts offering spring pest control near Natick, MA, you will find that they will spray insecticides in the parts of your house from where the ants are likely to enter. If there are gaps in the walls or the windows do not shut properly, and there is a gap between the window pane and sill, the ants can easily crawl through these gaps. An ant infestation can be irritating because you will find that these pests enter your kitchen, get into your food, and can bite you. If an infestation spreads, you will find these insects in your bathrooms. Thus, it is best to opt for spring pest control near Milford, MA, to keep your home ants-free.

  • Termites

These are dangerous pests, primarily because termites can cause severe damage to your property. Wood is the primary food source for termites; hence, a termite infestation can significantly damage your home’s exterior walls. Thus, if you find sawdust anywhere in your home and cannot account for it, you must contact Spring Pest Control near Wellesley, MA. Termites breed during Spring and summer, which means these insects will increase activity during these seasons. You must have acquired logs and timber for your fireplace during winter, as winters in Massachusetts can be cold. Termites usually enter a house with these logs. If there are termite eggs in these logs or times, these will hatch during Spring and can cause a termite infestation. Thus, taking the help of spring pest control near Newton, MA, becomes essential before the termites take over your house and you have a fully-fledged infestation.

  • Ticks

Ticks are another insect that can invade a house during the warmer months. These are parasitic arachnids and are dangerous for humans and animals. If you have a pet dog or cat in your home, you must be extra careful to keep your house free of ticks. These insects thrive during Spring and summer and are known to be carriers of bacteria and viruses. Lyme disease, which is quite painful and can cause fever and fatigue, is spread by ticks. Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is carried by ticks. If you feel ticks are infested in your home, contact spring pest control near Somerville, MA, to remove the infestation. They will spray the carpets, tapestries, and other items in your home where the ticks typically live with suitable insecticides to eradicate these insects.

  • Squirrels

This animal can infest your home during the summer months. During winter, squirrels tend to hibernate, but as the weather becomes warmer, the animals emerge from their nests, and they will start looking for food. This is especially true if you have flying squirrels on your property. Squirrels tend to find suitable hiding places, such as the insulation between the drywall and the attic in your house. It is essential to eradicate a squirrel infestation from your home humanely. Here, you need the help of spring pest control near Medford, MA, who will lay traps for the squirrels and then release the captured creatures into the wild. This makes removing the squirrels from your property easy without physically hurting them.

Thus, during Spring and summer, you will find increased activity in the animal kingdom, resulting from the fact that most animals hibernate in winter. During Spring and summer, most animals breed, making it easier to manage these creatures’ infestation with experts’ help. If you live in Massachusetts, you will know that during Spring and summer, there is even an increased number of bees and wasps buzzing in your garden.

Similarly, you will find more beetles and bugs on the plants in your garden. This might make the entire environment attractive, but remember, these insects attract many smaller animals to your garden. Insects such as bees, wasps, and beetles are necessary for your garden to flourish. However, it is essential to evaluate the nature of the infestation and get help from spring pest control near Danvers, MA, to keep your home free of insects and pests.

How can you prepare your home for Spring pest season in Massachusetts?

When you hire experts offering spring pest control near Peabody, MA, they will tell you that protecting your home against a pest or insect infestation is essential. You can do a few simple things to prevent a pest infestation. For example, if you want to avoid a squirrel or a mouse infestation, it is vital to declutter your home. If you tend to stuff your attic or basement with unnecessary items in your home, you must clean these before Spring.

When you declutter the attic or basement, you are cleaning the space and hence, there will be a smaller number of hiding places for squirrels, mice, and bats. This will reduce the chances of a pest infestation by these animals. Some of the other ways that you can get your house ready for the Spring pest season are as follows:

  • Identify the entry points

When it comes to larger pests such as mice, bats, and flying squirrels, it is essential to identify them. For example, flying squirrels enter a house through existing holes in the roof or the sideings of windows. Thus, before the onset of Spring, it is best to check whether there are any holes in the roof or gaps in the windows. If a flying squirrel makes its nest in your home, it will chew through the outer wall and increase the size of the entry point. When you hire a company offering spring pest control near Milton, MA, you will find that they will identify the entry points and then ask you to close these.

  • Do not leave food lying around

It is essential to ensure that your house is clean and you do not leave any food lying around. This is applicable irrespective of whether you are trying to avoid an infestation by larger or smaller pests. Food can attract smaller pests like ants and larger pests like mice and squirrels. If you leave food lying around and you have an ant infestation in your home, you will soon find a trail of ants from the food to their nest. No matter how hard you try, you cannot manage an ant infestation once it has started. To manage the infestation, you must hire experts offering spring pest control near Quincy, MA. However, the best way to prevent the infestation is to avoid leaving food in your home.

  • Try to keep your home dry

It is essential to keep it dry and avoid humidity. Most pests like to make their nests in damp places, and if there is any leakage or damage to the pipes, which causes water seepage, you are making your home ideal for a pest infestation. The bathrooms in your house are naturally damp and humid, making this ideal for rats, mice, and ants. However, if you want to ensure that the bathrooms and the rest of the rooms in your house are dry, check the pipes and the plumbing system. If you find damage to the plumbing system, get these repaired at the earliest. Otherwise, you can have a pest infestation that can only be managed by spring pest control near Weymouth, MA.

  • Secure the garbage bins in your home

In Massachusetts, you must ensure that you do not attract the smaller or the larger wild animals. One of the easiest ways would be to secure the garbage bins and tightly shut the lids. If you do not secure the garbage bins, animals can tip over the bin or remove the lid. This can be dangerous for the animals and your home. For example, suppose animals like raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and bats understand that they can access food easily from your home’s garbage bins. In that case, they will visit your home regularly and eventually build nests in your yard. You will find that the frequency of visits by such animals increases in Spring when they are looking to breed. Here, they need a suitable place to nest with easy access to food. Thus, by securing the garbage bins, you can ensure that the animals do not have any food access. Otherwise, you will not have any other option but to opt for spring pest control near Hingham, MA, to have these larger animals removed from your property.

Thus, there are a few simple steps that you can follow to protect your property from a pest infestation. It would help if you did these before the onset of Spring because most pests become active during the warmer months and look for suitable places to build nests. You must ensure that your home does not provide an environment suitable for building nests and that the pests do not have easy access to food. These things will prevent the pests from building a nest on your property.

What can you do to prevent pests in Spring?

It is essential to prevent pests from entering your home in Spring. As you declutter your home, check the backyard and garden and ensure you do not have dead leaves on the ground. When you opt for spring pest control near Fall River, MA, the experts will tell you that cleaning the gutters, checking the condition of the window sidings, and sealing any entry points are essential. This will prevent the pests from gaining easy access to food, and the pests will start avoiding your house.

When preparing your house to prevent pests in Spring, it is essential to check the reason for the pest infestation. Sometimes, standing water and plumbing issues can result in pest infestation. The winter months can cause problems with the plumbing, especially if you have faced significant snowfall in that particular year. Thus, checking the plumbing and ensuring no leakage can dampen your home is essential. Maintaining these things will make it easier to prevent pests from entering your home in Spring.

Common Spring Pests in Massachusetts

If you want the best spring pest control near Swansea, MA, contact us at Mass Bay Wildlife Management, Inc. Do not let pests dampen your springtime enjoyment. Learn how to prepare your home for the common pests that emerge in Spring. For a comprehensive inspection and customized prevention strategies, contact Mass Bay Wildlife Management, Inc. Let us help you enjoy a pest-free Spring season.

Common Spring Pests in Massachusetts: Identification and Prevention