Wildlife Removal in Foxborough, MA and Eastern Massachusetts

Wildlife Removal in Foxborough, MA and Eastern Massachusetts

Wildlife Removal and Termite Control Products

We sell and install only the best chimney caps and vent covers

Our chimney caps are manufactured by Gelco. Our standard caps are made of stainless steel, and come with a lifetime product warranty from the manufacturer, and a 2-year installation labor warranty. We can also order custom chimney caps in a variety of finishes and styles, including copper, galvanized and flat black.

We sell and install the Advance Termite Bait System by BASF. AdvanceĀ® is not only extremely effective, but it is family, pet and environmentally friendly. The bait is contained in a closed cartridge securely placed inside a locked station in the ground. The active ingredient is designed to target only termites.

We also sell and install bat houses, for our customers who want to keep these insect-eating creatures close. The houses are made by the Organization for Bat Conservation, and are very effective.

Chimney Caps and Roof Vent Protectors

HY-C Roof VentGuard. Most roof vents are made of a plastic material with simple window screening or no screening at all. Animals can and do chew through these vents to enter the attic where they can destroy wiring, cause leaks and do severe damage to your home. Animals cannot chew through the strong durable steel mesh of the Roof VentGuard.

Gelco stainless steel chimney cap. Installing a chimney cap will protect your chimney from wildlife invaders, and will also extend the life of the crown and lining. This cap comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.