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The Eastern Gray Squirrel is more active during the early and late hours of the day, and tends to avoid the heat in the middle of a summer day. It does not hibernate. Eastern Gray Squirrels breed twice a year, December to February and May to June, though this is slightly delayed in more northern latitudes. The first litter is born in February to March, the second in June to July. There are normally two to six young in each litter, but this number can be as high as 8. The gestation period is about 44 days. The young are weaned at 7 weeks and leave the nest after 10 weeks.

Eastern Gray Squirrels can start breeding as early as 5 and half months old, but usually breed for the first time at a year old. They live to be 20 years old in captivity, but in the wild will usually only live to around 12 years old.


Gray squirrels enter our homes through (often self-made) openings in the roofline (soffits, trim boards, fascia, vents). These animals can be very destructive, often causing extensive damage to wood and vinyl on the home’s exterior. Rotted wood on the roofline or open areas are prone to attack. If a gray squirrel can get its teeth on an opening, it will gnaw the surrounding material away until the entry point is large enough. On the first visit, we will carefully and thoroughly inspect the entire roofline for any openings. Any active entry points we discover will be fitted with custom “one-way” exclusion doors. These doors are designed to allow the squirrels to escape while preventing them from being able to re-enter. All other openings in the roofline will be sealed to prevent re-entry. We use color-matched aluminum trim coil or galvanized steel ¼” grid screening to seal all areas. This is an absolute must because any other materials used for exclusion (lead, aluminum flashing, expandable foam) will be destroyed by the squirrels’ powerful teeth and jaws. Once the roofline has been proofed and all active entry points fitted with one-way doors, the first visit is complete. We will return in approximately 1-2 weeks to remove the doors and permanently seal the entry points with trim coil/galvanized steel screening. On occasion, we may also recommend and propose trapping the animals in conjunction with the exclusion service. If the roofline is in disrepair, it may make sense to remove the animals to prevent any re-entry attempts at all.

Gray Squirrels Removal
Gray Squirrels Removal