Mass Bay Wildlife Mgmt. Inc Reviews

Excellent service! Easy to contact and very friendly customer service! Yellow jackets and carpenter bees eliminated quickly and professionally. Highly recommend

Erikka V.

Called Alex when we found a little more carpenter ant presence than normal. He answered on first call and scheduled a treatment the very same day! Outstanding Customer service!

John F.

I have been doing pest control for 25 years and know a little about wildlife and seen other companies do work he is one of the best i have seen and price is affordable for his type of work. Great person Bill Sullivan bug guy.

William S.

Had them come out to the house a couple times, nothing but good things to say about them and Alex. Prompt, fair prices, and most importantly thorough work. Called off hours once expecting to leave a message and they answered and set up a visit. Highly recommend.

Winsor S.

Alex is a true professional, great worker and great person, will not hesitate to call him again when needed. Lucky to have found him!!

Ronald P.

Alex and the Mass Bay Wildlife team are exceptional. The company has been servicing my home for the past 3 years for exterior rat issue that comes with living in the city and routine interior maintenance for insects and I cannot say enough good things about them -- professional, superior service, friendly and fair pricing. When I loved in we had a major rat issue on exterior of building which Mass Bay took care of and has ensured that it does not return through regular maintenance. There is no other pest management company I would work with.

Kate C.

I will do business with Alex (the owner) again in the future, if I need pest control services. The process was so simple. I called him and he was at my house within a couple of hours, taking care of a carpenter bee problem. He shared with me his knowledge about carpenter bees, backing up the research I had done, while also sharing with me some things I didn't know. I felt more informed upon the completion of the job. It wasn't cheap ($200 to spray around my house and inside a shed in less than an hour) but I pay for quality and Alex is a quality individual running a quality business.

Erik H.

Responsive. Knowledgeable. Thorough. Alex is great. We highly recommend Mass Bay Wildlife.

Ian K.

Alex is fair, straightforward, and responsive. It's one of those situations where I hope to never need his services again, but won't hesitate to call him if I do.

Neil W.

Amazing!! Sent a quote request through yelp for squirrel issue in the attic and within 10 minutes heard back from Alex (owner). The next morning he came over, assessed the area and provided a great quote on the spot. Having spoken to people about the situation, I knew the quote was extremely competitive. It included trapping the squirrels in the attic, the one's around the perimeter of our house and then him completely screening off the problem area along with installing a one way exit door out of the attic. The work also comes with a 1 year guarantee which is a great testament to his work. Alex and one of his employee's (Zack) came by for a few days to remove the captured squirrels and reset traps. Both extremely professional and personal.
Side Note: Unrelated to the job they performed.. I came across the 2 of them close by on 1A just after leaving my house pulled over on the side of the road and they were assisting a woman that was broken down by pushing her car to a side road. Cant make this stuff up!!
100% recommend

Alex came to put a one-way door in my upstairs window to get a squirrel out of the house. He was very quick - the job took a lot less time than I expected. I expect him to come back to remove the one-way door and address another issue when the snow melts!


I called this company about a year ago because my chimney cap had blown off during a storm and I thought squirrels had set up shop in there.

Alex came down the next day and was very professional. Turns out I did not have any animals living in there but my chimney cap was totally destroyed. He said he could order and install a new one for me. He measured the chimney and came back and installed a new one within the week. He guaranteed his work for a year.

It's been about a year and I haven't had any problems. Since then he's helped me out with mice and other odd handyman jobs around the house. Very reasonable priced, professional and top notch work. Next time something goes wrong at my house he'll be the first one I think to call.

Mark S.

Since buying our very old house 4 years ago this month we have used Mass Bay for a variety of reasons (from wasps to a squirrel setting up a home right outside our eaves). Every issue was resolved after each visit from Alex. He is dependable, efficient, friendly, knowledgable and prompt. I cannot recommend Mass Bay Wildlife more!


Mass Bay Wildlife Management sent someone out very quickly and it appears has taken care of our issue. We have to wait and see if the treatment has "taken," but I saw no bees this morning -- so far so good. The service was quick, courteous, and professional -- and the right price.


When we found a squirrel in our interior wall, I called this company based on the other Yelp reviews. They exceeded my expectations -- and it was a nice change after calling bigger, less personal/patient companies.

Alex (owner) picked up the phone when I called, and he was very helpful and informative about our options, challenges, and things to keep in mind. Alex himself came to our house the next day, and he gave a free estimate after examining the interior, climbing up on the roof, and looking in the basement. He was professional, courteous, and knew how to handle squirrels.

After investigating, he found that our particular squirrel was gone (hooray! we'd unknowingly removed its nest the week before) so he was going to install chimney plates to prevent them from coming back. I was psyched he could do it right then/there, to have the problem resolved completely. After he started that project, he found that the chimney needed repair before he could proceed. We'd need to call a specialist for that before he could affix the chimney caps. Bummer... He didn't charge for the time spent on the project until that point. Before he left our house, I asked him about how to handle the hole left by the squirrel on the interior wall, he kindly offered to patch it at no charge. So nice!

In the end, he spent 90min at our house and never charged a dime. Alex is not a "hard sell" -- he's a personable, customer-oriented guy devoted to his business. Call him!

(Once we repair the chimney, we'll get quotes on the chimney caps needed for squirrel prevention. If competing quotes are close to what he gave, we'll give him the business because our experience with him was so positive.)


Alex is not only great at his job, he is a great guy. I first called him because I thought I had a squirrel in my wall and I was freaking out. Alex came right out in the middle of an evening snow storm to help. (turns out it was just a mouse - woopsie) He is very thorough, very professional, and extremely reasonably priced. He is now my go - to guy when it comes to unwanted house guests. I highly recommend him.


Carpenter Ants damaged 2 sections of garage sill so I googled for ant exterminator servicing Quincy,MA area. I left message @4:45pm Friday and Alex Miranda called @6:45pm same day. He was professional and friendly. Mike Bukowski, the Lead Technician came the following Monday morning. I received a call from Mike he was able to come a little earlier than scheduled time. Mike was also professional and friendly.He explained what he was going to do and then sprayed around the outside of garage and all around the foundation of the house. He completed the job in 15 minutes or less. The product used was odorless. I am going to have this service done yearly by Mass Bay Wildlife Management, Inc. Thank you for such a pleasant business experience.


I've had them out to take care of carpenter bees and Alex, the owner, did a great job of explaining the situation and treatment.

He left me feeling better-informed about what was going on and recommended solutions to mitigate the chance of repeat problems. I consider him my "pest guy" for any other needs, from here on out.