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Flying squirrel exclusion

Flying squirrel exclusion in Georgetown. On the left: the work done by a previous wildlife control contractor. On the right, MBWM.
In November/December 2017, we completed 7 flying squirrel exclusions on homes where the customer had already paid another company to do the work within the last 12 months, with no success. All 7 of the failed exclusions had two things in common: cheap materials and inexperienced/untrained technicians doing the work. We use only the best materials available, and our lead exclusion technician has 15 years experience in the field.

Red squirrel exclusion

Red squirrels in Foxboro. First, we excluded them by using one-way doors, then we fixed the return by cladding it in thick gauge aluminum trim coil. No more squirrels, and no need to hire a handyman to make it look good. We do it all.

Flying squirrel exclusion

This customer in Auburn hired someone else to address their flying squirrel infestation. 6 months later, the squirrels were still getting in and the homeowner wasn't getting any sleep. So they hired MBWM to get it right. In addition to actually solving the issue, we took the time to remove the previous contractor's work and replace it with our high quality materials and craftsmanship. On the left, cheap materials and sloppy work from the other wildlife controller. On the right, premium materials and workmanship from Mass Bay Wildlife Mgmt. Inc.

Flying squirrel exclusion

Photos of a flying squirrel exclusion in Medfield. The white aluminum trim coil installed over the soffit material will keep the squirrels from gnawing through the soft vinyl. Our goal with every exclusion service is to get and keep the animals out, while maintaining the aesthetics of the home. This is the kind of quality and value you can expect from us, but won't find elsewhere.

Squirrel exclusion

Squirrels are gone, and this return looks even better than it did before the squirrels wrecked it! By the way, our competitors wouldn't even come back to remove the one-way door, never mind repair the soffit. You either want it done cheap or you want it done right at a fair price.

Bird exclusion

Carpenters left a gap in the return on this 1 year old home, and the birds quickly found it. Sure, our competitors can get the birds out, but then you'd need a handyman to make it look good.

Bird exclusion

Check out these before and after shots from a job we did in Lynn, MA yesterday. This customer had pigeons nesting between her roof deck and the roof of the porch below. She hired someone who called himself a professional to exclude the birds from that area. As you can see from the first few photos, not only was it ineffective but it was offensive to look at. He even put screws through the roof to hold the spikes on. Our solution is 100% effective and aesthetically pleasing. The pigeons are gone and the curb appeal is increased tenfold

Bird exclusion

Most of our competitors are stuck in the 90s, using screening, bird spikes and all kinds of ineffective and unattractive materials to try and solve bird issues. Our nuisance wildlife solutions are effective AND aesthetically pleasing. And our warranty on this service is 3 years. You won't find this quality or this warranty anywhere else.

Raccoon removal

We extracted and excluded an adult female raccoon and her brood (2 juvenile raccoons, approx. 12 weeks old) from this home in Brighton, MA. They had moved into the space between the 2nd story roof deck and the flat roof below. By using aluminum trim coil to match the finished deck riser (instead of steel screening, the standard material that all of our competitors use), we were able to create an effective yet aesthetically pleasing permanent barrier. Better materials, better warranties, better results. Best part? We weren't even the highest bid. That's value.

Squirrel and bird exclusion

We installed an exclusion system to keep squirrels and birds from nesting under these solar panels in Newton, MA. The SolaTrim panels from Nixalite of America Inc are not only effective, they look good!