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Quality Pest & Wildlife Removal in Foxborough, Mansfield, MA and Throughout Eastern Massachusetts

Non-lethal Nuisance Animal Removal and Exclusion**

Visit our Pest Information page for detailed descriptions of each animal and the process we use to remove and exclude them.

Here are some of the common pests we handle:

• Bats
• Gray and Red Squirrels
• Termites
• Raccoons
• Ticks

• Birds, including Woodpeckers & Pigeons
• Snakes
• Flying Squirrels
• Mosquitoes

• Skunks
• Woodchucks
• Mice
• Wasps
• Ants

• Moles & Voles
• Opossums
• Hornets
• Carpenter Bees

Termite Control

Termites can be a pretty big problem for homes in Foxborough & Mansfield, MA. That is why we offer effective termite control solutions, so you don't have to worry about damage to your house. Give us a call today to find out more about our service and schedule a free consultation.

Pest Control Services

We offer a wide variety of pest and wildlife control services at a competitive price. From quick, safe wildlife removal to preventative pest and termite control solutions, we can take care of all your pest needs. We are familiar with the pests and wildlife common to the Foxborough, MA areas and are equipped to handle them. Give us a call today to find out more about all our pest control services.

About Our Wildlife and Pest Removal Services

Residential Programs for Common Pests*

We provide customized programs to fit your situation. There is no need to pay for pests that aren't an issue in your home. We'll perform a comprehensive inspection of your entire home and tailor a solution to address your specific needs.

Homeowner programs include non-toxic methods such as pest-proofing, moisture reduction and mechanical exclusion, in addition to judicious use of pesticides where they are needed. Our programs typically cover pests like: ants, mice, wasps, spiders, centipedes and rats.

Preventative Services & Products

We consult with you to provide services, products or suggestions that will lessen the likelihood of future invasions by all pests.


• Chimney caps: See our Products page.
• Tree trimming: Tree limbs that contact the home or hang above the roof offer animals easy access to the roofline. They can also promote moisture which damages roof shingles, gutters, fascia, etc. We can trim tree branches, helping to keep your home dryer and less likely to support animal infestations.
• Bat Houses: When we perform bat exclusion services, we can sell and install bat houses to our customers who would like to keep the bats close by to deal with insects.

Commercial Pest Control

Programs for Businesses and Condominiums

We're not just a wildlife company. We can also provide your business or condominium with the routine services needed to keep it pest-free.

We will perform an initial inspection to assess your needs. From there, we will propose a solutions-based initial service and routine service schedule that will ensure that your commercial site or condominium will be free of insects, rats, mice and other common pests.