Bat Removal Services

Bat Removal Services

Foxborough, Mansfield, MA and Surrounding Areas

The two most popular bat species to invade New England homes are the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat. For our purposes, these animals are very similar in behavior and how they are handled, so we'll refer to both species as simply "Bats".

Bats make good neighbors. As the only major predators of night flying insects, bats play an important role in controlling many insect pests. A single bat can consume as many as 500 insects in just one hour, or nearly 3,000 insects every night.

A colony of just 100 little brown bats, the most abundant species in the Northeast, may consume more than a quarter of a million mosquitoes and other small insects each night.

In the Northeast, female bats typically give birth to one pup each year in May or June. The average life span is 6 years, but bats can live up to 30 years. Bats can pose significant health concerns when they roost in our homes. The accumulation of their droppings in the roosting spaces (usually attics) can be a health concern due to the bacteria in the droppings. Since a small percentage of bats carry the Rabies virus, this is also a health risk.

Exclusion service

Bats enter our homes through small openings in the roof (trim boards, fascia, vents, under roof shingles, chimneys, etc.). They need very little space to enter (as small as ¼"!), so preparing a home for exclusion is a pain-staking and very detailed process. This is where most exclusions fail, and the reason a trained professional should be contracted to perform the service. On the first visit, we will carefully and thoroughly inspect the entire roofline for any openings. Any entry points we discover will be fitted with a custom exclusion cone or "check valve". This check valve is designed to allow the bats to escape while preventing them from being able to re-enter. All other openings in the roofline will be sealed to prevent re-entry. We use a variety of materials to seal the openings, depending on the size of the gap. These materials include: 100% silicone sealant, .23 gauge premium aluminum coil, galvanized steel ¼" grid screening, or in some cases, replacement roof material (shingle, wood, flashing). Once the entire roofline has been sealed and all entry points fitted with check valves, the first visit is complete. We will return in approximately 1-2 weeks to remove the check valves and permanently seal the entry points. We recommend, sell and install bat houses to our customers who would like to keep the bats nearby for their insect-control benefits. Bat services include a standard 5 YEAR WARRANTY.*

*There is an additional charge for extended warranty periods, the amount of which depends on the type, condition and size of roofline.

Why Mass Bay Wildlife Mgmt. Inc.?

We are experts in the field of wildlife exclusion, and bats are our specialty. We use only premium materials and we back our bat exclusion work with a 5 Year Warranty.

Other wildlife companies typically use inferior exclusion materials. The result is unattractive and, often times, ineffective. In the photos here, the previous wildlife controller had used a low-expansion foam to exclude the bats. This product is used by almost all the local wildlife companies because it's inexpensive, easy to apply and fast. The trouble is, it also breaks down in UV light VERY quickly, and is unsightly. The one-way device they installed (called a "check valve") is made from metal screening, with sharp edges everywhere that can hurt the fragile bats as they exit. In most cases, the competitors won't even come back to remove them and seal the openings. They'll leave these unsightly gadgets on your home permanently. Again, this is very common among local wildlife companies.

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The photos below are of our work, clearly showing the difference in the amount of care, expertise and quality of materials that we employ in all our exclusions. Instead of the cheap low-expansion foam, we use clear 100% silicone sealant (over steel screening). Silicone won't break down with UV light, is more durable than foam, and the finished look is far superior. Also note that our check valves are made of PVC pipe and netting, to protect the bats from injury. These check valves are our own design and have been developed over years of research and testing. Unlike the competition, we NEVER leave them on the customer's home. We return (usually in 1-2 weeks, after the bats have gone), to remove the check valves and seal the entry points permanently.

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